Diversity of Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes, today, are as diverse as there are people getting married. The traditional white wedding cake with white icing with the bride and groom adornment is not as popular as it once was. Today, you can find many unique and delectable wedding cakes with as much personality as the wedding itself.

Orchids are one of the most popular themes for weddings and of course wedding cakes. Choosing what type of cake you desire may not be quite as easy as you might think. You or your fiance may not be too partial to an ordinary white cake and want a chocolate cake under all that fancy icing. This can be accommodated while still using a white icing and decorations that fit your theme.

Creating unique wedding cakes that speak the personality of you and your fiance will be fun. If you are planning to have orchids as your main theme, then you may wish to include tropical flavorings. This can be accomplished. You can discuss the possibilities with the person that is creating your wedding cake. Let them know that you would really love a tropical flavoring with your white or yellow cake, such as pineapple or coconut.

To make your wedding cake even more special, even if you desire a white wedding cake is to have small pieces of cherries cut up into the batter. Then when your cake is decorated with orchids, it will be a delight to see and a wonderful surprising taste when eaten.

You can also add different flavors of juice instead of water to create a unique flavored cake and of course use silk orchids or handmade orchids from frosting to give your wedding cake that unique feel.

Using orchids for decorating your wedding cake gives you many options since orchids can be found in green, lavender, magenta, brown, white, blue, yellow, orange, and scarlet. You may choose to use only one color or add several to create a unique and delectable wedding cake.

The fun of creating a wedding cake with orchids is that you can also coordinate the cake to match other decorations including your own wedding bouquet. If you want just a soft touch of lavender for your bouquet, you could use a darker purple for your wedding cake.

Plan your wedding cake by finding all the unique styles and designs of silk orchids to adorn the table and your special wedding cake.

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