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Do you often cook the dessert for your family ? As you know , it's the end of the meal and everyone turns their thoughts to the piece de resistance, the dessert. How do yours shape up? Hopefully, they are masterworks. Whether they are or not, the following tidbits might help make them that much better.When decorating a cake, should you try to keep the serving platter it is on clean? If you think so, there is a simple way to do this. Put down two sheets of wax paper before placing the cake. When done, slide them out each side.

The white fiber material between the orange pulp and peel can be difficult to remove. If you are having problems, dip the orange in boiling water for a minute or until the peel easily can be removed. The short time should not harm the orange pulpy area.

If you have been cooking desserts for any length of time, you know that brown sugar can become a hard boulder after a bit. To loosen it up, try throwing it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Alternatively, put in a bag and hit with a bat to burn off some stress.

If a recipe calls for whipped egg whites, it can be easy to go overboard. Keep in mind they average egg white will expand six times its size when whipped. Start with a small number of whites or you can have a bush of whipped whites ruling your kitchen.

Know the 50 percent rule with apples. When using raw apples, divide the weight in half to figure out the cooked equivalent. If you use 2 pounds of raw apples for an apple pie, you have 1 pound of cooked apples per any recipe you are using. That's a lot of apples.

Having problems with your cake tops coming out tilted which makes the hard to decorate? Teach the cake a lesson. Thump the bottom of the pan on a cutting board a couple times before cooking. It removes the air bubbles and will create a flat top.

Is it possible to get hard desserts soft again? Sometimes. The key thing required? A piece of bread. If you have hard cookies or marshmallows, throw them in a ziplock with one piece. The bread will magically moisturize them.

Measuring a stick liquid such as honey can be a problem since some of it seems to stay behind. One way to get around this is to use non-stick spray in the cup before measuring. The sticky liquid should all come out fairly easy and you'll have the right amount.

At the end of the day, many could argue that half the fun of a good dessert is actually making it. You can get pretty creative and use just about any combination of ingredients. Remember, the first chocolate chip cookie was an accident.

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