Creating Bridal Shower Cakes

One of the key features of a bridal shower is the cake. There for the cake should be special and unique. A standard sheet cake is something that has already been done many times over. When planning a bridal shower it is worth a bit of a look into the possibility of getting more creative for the bridal shower cake that doesn't cost too much money.

During the hot summer months guests may find a decorative ice cream cake to be refreshing. These cakes can be quite decorative and have the most unique flavors. Many ice cream shops that create ice cream cakes can do just about the same thing with decor as a regular bakery.

Base the cake around the theme of the bridal shower. If the theme of the bridal shower is a high tea then delicate mini cakes are a wonderful addition to any bridal shower party. These little cakes can be multiple colors and even multiple flavors. Allowing for each guest to sample one that may be more to his or her liking.

Sometimes it is best to not mess with tradition. Going with a traditional cake can still be done but it can be done with a more creative twist. Consider for the decoration of the cake writing a nice message for the bride or even some lines from a poem.

Other cake decorating ideas can include decorating the cake to look like the china pattern that the bride and groom registered for, having a photograph of the bride and groom put on the cake in frosting (this is a very neat effect) or even doing a scaled down version of the wedding cake that is planned for the big day. A floral design with the brides favorite flowers created in sugar and placed on top of the cake can be unique and elegant.

For the inside of the cake as well strongly consider a filling. Fruit fillings are very popular with many cakes. For example a chocolate cake with a strawberry filling or a vanilla cake with raspberry or peach filling. Most bakeries offer several options for fillings instead of having none or just more frosting in the middle.

When choosing what cake to go with for the bridal shower make sure to keep in mind not only the theme of the party but whether it is a formal or a more casual event. The more formal an event is the more likely that a traditional styled cake should be used. The more casual an event the more creative and unique the cake can be. Also keep in mind that though guests enjoy the cake and there will most likely several pictures of it, it does not have to break the bank. The bridal shower cake does not have to be extremely expensive.

Most importantly above all else mentioned here be sure to keep the bride's tastes in mind. Go with what she will like the most. Something that will make her smile or feel sentimental. This is a time to celebrate her and her love so the cake should be something that reflects that.

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