Composition Of The New York Cheesecake Recipe

When you start your search for free recipes for Italian desserts, it can often be like discovering the world's biggest candy store mixed with the world's biggest pastry shop piled on top of the world's biggest pie factory. There are thousands, if not millions, of options out there, and all of them can look quite alluring.
The New York cheesecake recipe is one of the simplest recipes in any dessert cookbook, but it's one that demands complete attention to detail and use of the highest quality ingredients to get the premium result. If you are the sort of cook who likes to save a few pennies here and there by skimping on the quality of your ingredients, you might not want to venture into the cheesecake world.

Part of the reason for the emphasis on quality ingredients is that there are so few of them. The basic New York cheesecake recipe includes eggs, cream cheese, cream, sugar and a handful of other small additions. The crust is generally a graham cracker crust, which is one of the simplest in the world to make.

When presented with such simple ingredients, the inexperienced cook might think success was in the bag and hit the mega mart to pick up all the goods. And while you would indeed produce something that looked remarkably like a New York cheesecake, when the taste hit your palate, you'd know something had gone terribly wrong.

Let's start with the cream. You can go to the grocery store and buy what you need out of the refrigerator case in the dairy section. Instead of that, however, how about finding you're nearest dairy farm or co-op market? Another good choice would be you're nearest farmer's market. Think farmer's markets are just for produce? Think again!

Farmer's markets are the home for all the best of your locally grown and made products. From the freshest local produce to local delicacies like country ham, cheeses and baked goods, you will find a great selection at most markets. At one farmer's market in Asheville, N.C., there is even a bakery in the market where sourdough bread is baked all day.

Take the time to seek out quality ingredients, and your New York cheesecake recipe will be the hit of the table!

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