Cake Decorating Techniques - Learn How To Create Exquisite Cakes

Do you ever find yourself being dazzled every time see a beautifully decorated cake in a bakers shop? Looking at all those stunning cake designs is one of the great joys if you appreciate the culinary arts.

If you are interested in cake decoration and cake design, you will be happy to see that cake decorating can be fun as a hobby and it can also be seen as one of the high edible arts.

But before you can get into cake decorating, you should also have an idea about baking. Here are some guidelines are creating the perfect cake for the perfect cake decorating experience.

Tip #1 - Cake mixes can be used if you are new to baking

One of the easiest things you can do for yourself is to try to produce a good foundation to work with. This means that you want to pull out from the oven a golden brown, evenly baked cake that you can really work with.

You want to establish a smooth foundation that will make it easier for you to apply your icing and decorative flourishes. The best kind of cake foundation has very few crumbs and is level on both top and bottom.

The easiest way to make sure that you get a good solid cake to work with is to start with a box cake mix and follow the directions. This will make it a bit easier if you have never baked a cake before and this is your very first foray into cake decoration.

Tip #2 - Never Rush the Cake Decorating Process!

Probably ninety per cent of all cake decorating mistakes or problems are always caused by the cake decorator trying to rush through the process. If there is one cake decorating tip that you should take to heart, it is this one: never rush the cake decorating process.

For instance, if you try to decorate a cake right after taking it out of the oven, you will find that this is probably not the most ideal situation for cake decorating.

Ideally, you should let the cake sit and set overnight, or at the very least let your cake cool off for an hour. This ensures it that before you begin your icing process the cake base will be cool enough. You can also freeze their cakes before you begin icing.

Tip #3 - Keep Your Cake Level and Make it Easy on Yourself

If you level and trim your baked cake this will make sure that you have a cake that you can work with. Once you have waited for the cake to cool properly take a serrated knife and trim off the crust and dry edges.

You need to establish a nice, smooth surface that makes it easy to ice the cake. One way you can achieve this is to level off the crown of the cake center if it is lumpy or otherwise not smooth. You can also torte the cake if you want to decorate it.Torting is simply a process that involves slicing varying layers into your cake.

Tip #4 - How to create the Perfect First Layer of Icing

Make your first layer your crumb catcher. This is easily done by applying a layer of icing to the cake before you begin the real work of cake decorating. This will ensure you get the most consistency.

The idea behind this is to make sure that the crumbs will stick to the cake. After you have applied the icing to your first layer let your cake set for a few hours.

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