A Journey Into The World of Cakes

Children's parties are incomplete without a cake, and especially if it is a birthday party, the cutting of the cake is the main attraction. The birthday cake is well decorated with icing ,flowers ,leaves - all of edible sweet stuff and are sometimes made in the shape of an animal, or an aeroplane or train, depending on what the child wants. Then 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ...' with the name of the child or adult is also written beautifully. When the members of the party are ready for cake cutting small decorative candles are planted on it and they are lighted. With one blow the birthday girl or boy has to blow them out and then the happy birthday song is sung. They usually like to let one candle burn on the cake which signifies the coming year and its brightness for the person whose birthday it was.

Indeed, cakes are a delicacy the world over. They are sumptuous, loved by children and adults alike. They are the ideal thing if you desire to have something sweet, or for a tea time snack. Even in India they are a great favourite. There are many types of cakes. Amongst christian countries the Christmas cake is a very special one. Some rum is used in this and it lasts for a very very long time. So this can be enjoyed by many people over a period of time. Then the next favored ones are the birthday cakes, as mentioned previously.

The main ingredients of a cake are flour,eggs,butter and sugar.The eggs are weighed and the rest of the things are taken of similar weight in the traditional recipies. These days however a variety of styles are made and even sponge cakes are made which have nil or very little butter and are much lighter. They can be the base for puddings like trifle. They also have to put the right amount of baking powder and some essence (optional).

In the making of the cake the most important part is the folding of the flour in the batter, and then the baking on the right temperature .The lightness and the fluffyness of the cake mainly depends on these two factors.The cake rises well if everything is done properly and is a delight both to see and eat.

However, they are to be avoided by people who have diabetes or are obese. In case you have these problems, the name itself will not be pleasant for you. The reason is that if you eat it it will not be good for you and resisting it will not be easy either. They are rich in content with butter and eggs and therefore in old times were considered to be the delight of only the rich people.

So go ahead equipped with this information, try your hand on the cakes and have a good party. I am not giving any recipies because there are plenty available and what type you want has to be yours and the family's choice.

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