A Few Winning Birthday Cake Designs

Birthdays are fun times to be creative with themes and that, of course, also means themed birthday cakes. The possibilities are virtually endless but there are some themes that come to the forefront for the age groups. In this article, we will look at cakes for preschool age children, elementary school age children, middle school or junior high age kids, teenagers and adults.

Clown themes are always popular with preschool children, whether they are boys or girls. It is a can't miss theme because of the cheerful, bright colors and happy smile of a circus clown. A clown's head cake can be tailored to a girl or a boy very easily by either the choice of bold primary colors for boys or softer, pastel colors for girls. For girls, the clown can even be a girl clown. Either way, this is a very pleasing Birthday cake design for very young children.

As children get into elementary school, the preferences of boy and girls diverge more distinctly. So this means that there are likely to be very different birthday themes for boys and girls. Girls love Barbie, so a Barbie themed cake is ideal. With the many 'faces' of Barbie, this cake can easily reflect your child's particular favorite Barbie. Boys love superheroes and one of the most popular these days is Spiderman. Boys would love a Spiderman themed party and birthday cake.

In middle school or junior high, kids tastes start to change. They are no longer as enthused about Barbies and superheroes as they were just a short time ago. At this age, a fun theme for a birthday cake is based on their favorite food. And what could that possibly be? Well, pizza, of course. This makes a very colorful, fun cake that all will enjoy immensely. It works just as well for the girls as it does for the boys.

For teenagers in high school, tastes become even more sophisticated. A can't miss theme for a birthday for young men and women in this age group is music. So a perfectly themed cake would be that thing that is perpetually attached at nearly all times - an iPod. With the choice of colors available in real iPods, it is easy to have the cake done in the celebrant's favorite color iPod.

Adults are both the easiest and hardest to think of good theme birthday cakes for but there are a few that are wonderful for nearly everyone. Women love flowers, so a flower garden themed birthday cake is a sure to please option. The flowers on the cake can be the favorite of the celebrant and in her favorite color. For a little humor, a man's cake can emulate his most prized possession - the TV remote, of course. This cake can be either a generic remote or a replica of the celebrant's actual remote.

These are all birthday cakes that can be ordered from nearly any bakery that does decorated birthday cakes or, if you are so inclined, you can do them yourself with a little practice. Which ever you choose, they are fun birthday cake designs.

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