Top Five Tools For Baking Success

On your mark, get set ... bake! With holidays looming into view, it's time to shift into high gear for the marathon baking of sweet and savory pies, breads, cookies and other delectable treats.

To help alleviate stress in the kitchen, Culinary Parts - a company that provides kitchen equipment parts and accessories - advises home bakers "prep" their kitchens with these essential baking tools:

1. Electric mixer: An electric mixer makes fast work of beating, mixing and whipping ingredients. Keep this kitchen "work horse" in tip-top shape by taking advance inventory to be sure the work bowl and beaters are all accounted for and in proper working order.

2. Food processor: A food processor tackles countless mixing, blending, chopping and grinding tasks required in preparing baked goods. Before you begin using your food processor, make sure that the blade is still sharp.

3. Mini kitchen torch: The "sleeper" gadget of the season, small-size kitchen torches - also known as creme brulee torches -are fun, easy and safe to use. Kitchen torches can add a caramelized sheen to pies, tarts, meringues and a wide range of other baked goods.

4. Pie plates and cake pans : 'Tis the season to take stock of your supply of these essential baking pieces. Consider the convenience of attractive ceramic pie plates that are oven-to-table ready, and top-quality cake pans, sturdy enough to withstand years of baking abuse without warping or buckling.

5. Measuring cups and spoons: Standard measuring cups in various sizes - preferably separate ones for liquids and solids - and measuring spoons are a must for successful bakers. Be sure yours are not cracked, chipped, warped or misplaced.

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