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I am back again with another reason which I believe to buy steaks online…….

In this discussion I want to touch more on the how important it is to have a good butcher who knows exactly how to cut the beef so that you will get the steak you have always loved.

To begin I had touched in previous articles that the USDA grades all their steaks according to the tenderness and marbling of the steaks. For those who do not know what marbling is, this is the part of the steak in which you see flecks of white throughout. I would say that most steaks on the market today fall into one of these three categories: Prime, Sirloin, and Choice Cut. There are other grades below this but mainly reserved for commercial and processed foods for various applications.

Prime cut is by far the best quality and the tenderest but usually offered in expensive restaurants with cuts such as the Filet Mignon, the Porterhouse, etc. Next is the Sirloin, which is very good in it’s own regard and found in most chain grocery stores and hotels and restaurants. These cuts at your local grocery store are usually not the best depending on how long they have been sitting out on the shelf or when they were cut. So in order to by pass this issue, try a good butcher who can explain the differences in which you will benefit from and not have to worry about quality. Then comes the Choice Cut, which is responsible for almost the bulk of the entire beef industry in terms of consumers. These are the cuts that most people will buy and see at the grocery, still not too bad just a little tougher but some say better tasting because of the more marbling within.

As I mentioned before I want to explain more how important it is to have butcher who knows how to cut the beef shank properly. The steak should be cut perpendicular to the striations on the muscle so that the steak will become tender and easy to chew. This is where quality of cut comes in to play as depending where and how the cut is made on the beef will greatly vary on how tender the meat will turn out to be. For example the mid portions of the hindquarters are apparently the tenderest and these are usually the Prime cut or the best quality beef.

I should state that just because the steak is Prime cut does not necessarily mean that is the best overall. Now don’t get me wrong, Filet Mignon is the tenderest and found in all steak houses but at the same time has the mildest flavor. Some of the other cuts like Rib steaks and Blade / Chunk steaks are lot more chewier but have more of a beefy flavor which some people seem to fancy. A good rule of thumb when buying great steaks is to buy steaks that have been aged for a small period of time and you will know on the first bite as these steaks have an enhanced flavor.

To be continued…..

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