What Kind of Restaurants Do You Like?

Do you like one kind of restaurant or do you enjoy several? I’m not one to go to fancy restaurants; I’m more of a casual person. I don’t like dressing just to go out to eat.

Well, things changed recently, when I had to do a restaurant review for a magazine. It was a casual fine dining type of restaurant. Not casual enough for jeans, but not dressy enough for a dress. Even though you didn’t have to really dress up, the atmosphere and service was first class. There were people to hold the door and your chair. If you got up to visit the restroom, someone magically appeared to refold your napkin. Can you believe that? My water glass never was anywhere near empty. My silverware was even replaced between courses.

The lights were low, the candles were lit and the table cloths were real cloths. It was such a delight to experience something a little different. The chef even came around to speak with the guest, to see how everything was.

I don’t think it was because they knew I was doing a restaurant review. I watched the staff and they were as attentive to everyone in the restaurant as they were to my table. The food was beautifully plated and politely served. Our server even raked the bread crumbs off the table cloth between the entrée and the dessert. Coffee was served after dinner and we felt like we could sit there as long as we wanted to. No rushing in this special restaurant. I think I’ve bee won over to the nicer side of fine dining.

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