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There may be quite a few restaurant statistics that surprise you out there. Most of the time you will find restaurants have quite a bit of business. While there are peak times, they still have steady traffic during the day. Therefore finding out that many of them don’t make it to the first anniversary can be disheartening. This is often due to the fact that they didn’t take the time to learn all about the business before they started though.

The average family dines out at least once per week. Therefore you have a good chance of getting a hold of your share of the market. The problem though is that if you can’t consistently deliver quality food, fast and friendly service, and a great price to top it all off they won’t be coming through your doors. People don’t like to pay for food they aren’t happy with. They also expect the entire dining experience to be great for them.

Restaurant statistics indicate that when a customer isn’t happy with any of the above they aren’t likely to be returning any time soon. That is why you must work hard to keep them happy. A one time customer can turn into a weekly customer or at least one that comes in several times each month if they are happy with what they get.

You will also find it interesting that restaurant statistics indicate someone unhappy with their dining experience will tell more people than someone who is. While that seems really unfair to the restaurant it is true. A person often takes for granted that they did have a wonderful dining experience as that is what they expect when they pay for it. Let them have a dinner that is less than that though and they will have a hard time forgetting about it.

As a result of that mentality though you need to be careful how people are leaving your restaurant. If you have the attitude that it is only one customer out of many then you are looking at it the right way. You have no idea how many friends and family they will be able to influence to eat somewhere else because of the incident. Don’t underestimate the power that such negativity has to reduce your overall level of customers and profits.

If you are open minded to the ideas of customers you can continue to make it a great place for them. Restaurant statistics show that when customers feel appreciated and valued it means a great deal to them. They are comfortable and they feel like they are more than just a way for you to make money.

Do all you can to be sure that every single customer that walks into your restaurant walks out with a wonderful impression. If things aren’t going well then it needs to be addressed. Many customers are forgiving if they do get a satisfactory result to their complaint. You at least have a high chance that they will give you another chance if you accept responsibility for the issues.

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