The Bay Area Restaurant Scene

Dining in Bay Area, you don’t always have to spend a lot of money. There are terrific spots for food and wine, at times though they are expensive. Small-plates and casual dining is popular in the Bay Area. Some even say that Bay Area pioneered in small-plates dining.

One great way to search for information is to catch on the Bay Area restaurant recommendations through online reviews & guides. It’s easier to find restaurants on the basis of cuisine, location, price, discounts and more through a restaurants directory.

The top rated restaurants in the Bay Area include the Gary Danko Restaurant that’s a local favorite and offers food & wine in an outstanding atmosphere. It offers finger-licking good food, attentive service and is truly exceptional.

Slanted Door is a great place for dinner that seats around 150 people in the dining room and 20 at the bar. It’s basically a Vietnamese restaurant, but also offers Asian & Californian cuisines. The food, relaxed atmosphere, Riesling-driven wine list, full bar with premium brands and fresh squeezed juices, and hard-to-find Chinese teas all speak to the restaurant's originality and commitment to quality. Their to-go store called "Out the Door" is now open in the main hall of the Ferry Building, around the corner from the restaurant, which offers prepared dishes as well as easy-to-use cooking kits to make dishes at home.

Delfina Restaurant is a good restaurant in San Francisco for Italian cuisine. With its excellent food & wine, attentive staff and hard to beat prices; it’s a local favorite. They take restaurant reservations over the phone. The food is Italian in spirit" elemental, seasonal cooking whose simple appearance belies its depth of flavor. Inspired by Trattorias found throughout Italy, the menu changes daily, driven by the offerings of local producers. The wine list, like the food, focuses exclusively on Italy and California.

House of Prime Rib is excellent in everything it does from the freshly baked sourdough bread, to the freshly tossed salad, to the exquisite prime rib. They specialize in American and Steak. Since it’s all about the rib, the chef constantly seeks out the finest beef ribs, and judges for quality, perfection in firmness, texture, color, and for the presence of marbling in the lean red meat.

There are more places that make dining out in the Bay Area a memorable experience. And there are always more new restaurants & new cuisines getting introduced by the day.

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