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One word comes to mind when talking about Terrace - fresh. This modest 30-seater is young, full of spirit and offers a great alternative to the usual onslaught of big-name dining franchises. Having opened only 3 months ago, it has quickly established itself in the bustling town centre of Bromley. If you're looking for a relaxed, evening out experience, this should do just perfectly. With a recent lick of paint, this restaurant has a real modern, minimalist style about it. Cream and beige with touches of oak dominate the interior. Dusk arrives, the lights are dimmed, the candles are glowing and there's just one element left to fit this perfect equation - Jazz. The owner is a big Miles and Hancock fan, so you'll be entertained the whole night through. The fare is wonderful. An emphasis has been made on fish, and most importantly it's always fresh and full of flavour. Following the alluring calamari entree infused with a suitably unique vodka sauce and choice seasoning, why not savour the subtle, natural variety of grilled seafood; the silvery sea bream is cooked to a delicate touch, its flesh is juicy and meaty and comes with a highly complimentary serving of finely prepared parsnips, onions and a dash of lemon and parsley. The bass, salmon, mackerel and trout are also highly recommended. With a good selection of crisp white wines such as the Chardonnay and Pinot, your taste buds will be well and truly pampered. The bar is certainly equipped for parties and holds a good variety of spirits for all your cocktail needs. All in all, Terrace's prices are very reasonable, so you can afford to experiment with a range of dishes and find what suits you best. Whilst vegetarians are well catered for (a good choice of salads, well-dressed and unpretentious and other Mediterranean specialties are on offer), meat eaters needn't go home with an empty stomach. From a generous portion of steak, or the mouth-watering mixed grill, to a quick burger, Terrace really does have everything you could possibly need. Terrace is located along the buzzing strip in Widmore Road, opposite the Glades Shopping Centre. Opening at 8 O'clock on weekdays (9 at the weekends), why not pop in for a coffee and pie in true American style? Got a corner to fill on a Sunday morning? You're sorted - full English breakfast for a mere £5.55, and four alternatives for the indecisive. This really is home cooking at its best! Fully equipped with air conditioning and child-friendly this restaurant exudes a certain sophistication, while also maintaining a down to earth, free for all raison d'être, welcoming all palettes. Good old classic dishes that make for a happy dining experience. Terrace can cater for birthdays, wedding parties and other celebrations for up to 50 people. A custom cake service is even available - is there anything these maestros can't do?! If you have questions about any aspect of their services or wish to make a reservation, you can contact the restaurant on 0208 466 5584. TERRACE CAFÉ AND RESTAURANT, 25a Widmore Road, Bromley, Kent, London, BR1 1RW This restaurant can be found on http://www.lacartes.com

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