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When looking for a place to dine-out, Rochester MN can offer a location to meet practically any taste. There is a wide variety of restaurants available, ranging from fast food to fine dining, full meals to just dessert, and in a multitude of cultural settings, including traditional American, Asian, Italian, European, Mexican, and others.

Fast food restaurants are familiar to just about everyone. They are found in almost every large city, and Rochester is no exception. Ideal for speed and convenience, it is a popular choice for a quick lunch or dinner. Most of the popular chains appear in Rochester, and offer, but are not limited to, burgers, subs, pasta, tacos, sandwiches, pastries, and a wide range of desserts.

For a more casual meal that is still quick, one of the biggest trends throughout the country right now is fast casual dining. Café style restaurants are also similar to this. Both styles offer more upscale food items, but still offer speedy service, low prices and a casual atmosphere. Customers usually order from a counter and will be serving themselves. Gourmet breads or organic ingredients may be popular menu items, along with traditional sandwiches, pastries, and coffee. Deli’s and some buffets fall under this category.

One of the most popular styles of dining available is the Casual, or Family dining experience. Rochester offers a wide variety of food choices in this category, including seafood, burgers, Italian, Mexican, Asian (including Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese meals), American, Greek, Indian, and European. Almost any type of hunger can be met. The menu choices are a bit more expensive than fast food or café restaurants, but it is understandable considering the non-rushed atmosphere and table-side service.

If one is looking for a more elegant atmosphere with top quality service, fine dining options are also available. The food will be a bit more expensive, but worth it, as the chefs at these locations are usually professionally trained. A number of locally owned businesses fall into this category, including the Broadstreet Café, Michaels Restaurant and Lounge, and Prescott’s Grill. Other options include Italian cuisine and a tapas style Spanish restaurant.

The type of dining style that one wishes to experience depends on when you go, as well. For example, a fine dining restaurant may offer a casual style lunch, saving the more elegant atmosphere for evening meals. Many of the locations also have catering or delivery options for large events, or they are available for home or office delivery. One popular choice for delivery is Waiter Express, offering deliveries from 27 of Rochester’s restaurants. It charges a small fee for delivery, with a $12 minimum order cost, but may be worth it for those unable to use other options.

Amid these restaurant choices, there are also countless coffee shops, bakeries, pizza places, pubs, bars, as well as ice cream and smoothie shops. These options offer a place to get hold of a nice dessert or drink, a place for a casual meeting of friends, or just a chance to relax and unwind. Many locales offer wireless internet as well, if one needs to finish up some work or send an e-mail home.

Rochester is truly diverse in its options for going out to eat. From traditional to quite unique, the city can really offer it all.

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