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Although Meadowvale is a township in its own right, it was incorporated into the city of Mississauga in the late 1960s. Since then, it has grown steadily along with the rest of the bigger city, and in 2006 the population was projected to be almost 100,000. With this large population and because of its proximity to one of the largest cities in Canada, Meadowvale offers some great opportunities for those who enjoy eating out occasionally or often. In fact, the opportunities for great dining in Meadowvale are very diverse, in part due to its large multicultural community (almost 30% in according to the 2001 census, are non-white, including a very large South Asian population).

Meadowvale's association with Mississauga has paid off as far as its hospitality industry is concerned. The area is home to several dozen high end hotels, each of which offers its own unique dining room. Among the most popular is the Regatta Bar and Grille at the Delta Meadowvale. The restaurant features several theme buffets during weekdays, including southern cuisine, all priced reasonably at $12. The restaurant is also a recent (and frequent) winner of the Wine Spectator Restaurant Award of Excellence.

Nearby, there are several options for the adventurous diner. The Bombay Bhel, for example, is highly rated among both newcomers to Indian fare and long time fans. In fact, the food at the restaurant is consistently given perfect tens by diners, with the service frequently rating at the high levels, from eight to ten.

If you like the idea of the reliability of a chain restaurant but don't want to eat somewhere too big, you might want to check out the Cajun dining experience at Big Daddy's Crab Shack and Oyster Bar. The variations on the menu are incredible; everything from different kinds of seafood to catfish and even blackened gator. The restaurant is located on Southdown Road in Meadowvale.

These are just a few of the many options that the Meadowvale area has to offer when it comes to dining experiences. The choices run the gamut from fast food to fine dining, with several cultural restaurants thrown into the mix for the exotic taste.

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