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No matter why you are in Chicago, either on vacation, business, or you are a brand new resident, you may have a little trouble finding your way around the big city. Chicago is jammed packed with exciting things to do, places to stay, thing to experience, and even places to eat. You will definitely not have any troubles finding something to eat at the many restaurants in Chicago

There are many types of Chicago restaurants from low budget fast foods to expensive premium dining establishments and everything in between. So, how do you choose? Well this article is a small guide to some of the must-visit Chicago restaurants. You absolutely must try these places during your time in Chicago.

For eating by yourself or with that someone special, you definitely want to try Alinea. With top chef, Grant Achatz behind the scenes of some of the most beautifully presented and delightfully tasty foods, you will certainly not be disappointed. A few pointers about this restaurant, this is not a place for younger children and you should expect to spend $500 to $1300 dining at this Chicago restaurant.

Visiting Chicago restaurants would simply not be the same if you did not visit Weber Grill Restaurant. This is a great place for those relaxing moments and they serve items that can fit all tastes and appetites. You will find grilled pork chops, ribs, fish, steaks, and hamburgers, plus a menu full of other great foods ready to satisfy your hunger.

There are so many restaurants in Chicago with many different types of cuisines and dining, you will definitely not visit them all in one or even two trips; it will take you years to visit the many different Chicago restaurants. One you definitely want to consider if you like Indian food is the India House. This restaurant has been named number six of the top Chicago restaurants.

The India House has the highest quality service and food that bring people from all over Chicago and the world to experience the restaurant. This is Indian food at its best. You can taste foods from many different Indian regions such as Tandooi, Madras, Delhi, and Bombay. While this restaurant in Chicago is something of a fine dining experience, if you are tight on money, but still want the taste of some authentic Indian foods, they offer a lunch buffet for a great price with plenty of variety.

More fine dining, tasty foods, and the best of Chicago restaurants can be found at Bice Ristorante. This restaurant serves up tasty Tuscan foods with flair. This restaurant is quite pricy, but well worth the visit. You will find your taste buds delight in everything from the broccoli to the lobster risotto, calamari, and mussels.

As you can see, there is a wealth of restaurants in Chicago just waiting for you. The ones listed in this article are just the tip of the iceberg. Excellent foods, excellent atmosphere, and some of the finest dining establishments in the world, Chicago restaurants just can't be missed.

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