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You are a connoisseur or have a special occasion that you want to celebrate but in a fix as to which restaurant to choose? Well, don’t get despondent because there is an easy method by which you can select a restaurant that matches your taste.

Before selecting a restaurant we either google for information from various review sites or depend on newspapers or recommendations from family and friends. But to no avail as all these provide only partial information or sometimes unfair and biased opinions. Don’t be glum as there are several vertical or topical search engines available that can help you out. Generic search engines like Yahoo and Google bring you just web pages and websites; but ‘vortals’ with its Natural Language Processing Technology fetch you relevant and essential content without using complex keyword combinations. These specialty search engines focus on specific businesses thus making your job easy.

BooRah is a vertical search engine that simplifies your search for restaurants, contains reviews, restaurant ratings on food service and ambience, timings, addresses, phone numbers, maps, menus, discount restaurant gift certificates and coupons, online restaurant reservations, home delivery services for all local restaurants and more. It even carries pictures of the restaurants so that you can see for yourself what’s the atmosphere is like. It also allows users to search by name, cuisine, occasion or location.

Want to spend a special day with your loved ones? No need to step out of the house; plan everything within the comforts of your home. Wherever you are, whatever the time is; the ultimate restaurant guide gets you the best dining experience.

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