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Heart of Portugal Corp

I have to start with my favorite. One trip here and I'll bet you'll like it a lot too. You're presented with two options when you enter, either the bar area or the main dining room. There's the bar area which is very quaint in a really casual sort of way and always seems to be filled with a lot of the local Portugese citizens. By contrast the main dining room is all decked out with fully tuxedoed waiters and linen table cloths.

Of course you'll want to choose based on your own tastes, or what kind of experience you're looking for.

I myself have never done the main dining room as I generally prefer the relaxed and laid back atmosphere in and around the bar. Once you're seated you'll want to order an appetizer. My favorite is this really cool sausage thing that they set on fire and bring it out to the table while it's still ablaze. Pretty nifty! As for the food, there simply isn't a bad choice on the menu. If enjoy Portuguese cuisine you could literally close your eyes and point at the menu and love what you end up with. Yes, it really is that good.

I especially like the way they use olive oil and pine nuts throughout the menu.

Pao Restaurant

I first went to this little Portuguese Gourmet restaurant by a somewhat quirky little accident that I won't get into here but what a nice surprise. Now it's one of my favorites. It's a tiny, tiny little place and severs up a really eclectic menu like sauteed cod with onions and shoe string fries. It's definitely one of the better Portuguese restaurants in the city. The service is really great too. While it is a little off the beaten path it's very definitely worth the adventure. Like I said it's small but that along with it's ambiance makes it absolutely perfect for a romantic date.

I was really impressed with their wine list too. They had a few Douro's, Dao's, and at least one vino Verdi. All in all it's a really nice dining experience.

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