Pacific Grocery And Restaurant Oceanside California Review

Whether you live in the City of Oceanside or are planning on traveling to Oceanside in the near future, you might or might not be aware of Pacific Grocery and Restaurant in Oceanside, California. If you’re going down Pacific Coast Highway towards the harbor, you would make a quick left on Wisconsin Ave right before the Highway 101 Cafe and a quick right on Tremont Street and it’s right there on the right hand side of the street. And Wisconsin Ave. leads right to the Pacific Ocean.

I’ve been eating lunch there pretty much all summer, and wanted to share my experience with it in hopes that you’ll pay this place a visit. Pacific Grocery and Restaurant in Oceanside offers a variety of different types of food. They offer a wide variety of mexican food in their restaurant. Recently they opened up a Grocery Store around July 2008, and yes, the restaurant is still there. The other notable dynamic is that they are the only restaurant in the City of Oceanside that offers Indian Food. Imagine that, Indian Food in Oceanside. But it doesn’t stop there. They offer Indian Groceries as well so you can purchase your food there and take it home and cook it.

In addition they just started offering Chicken Fajita Burritos this week. And if you around this area, make sure you check out their produce. I always end up purchasing an avocado, tomato or bananas almost every week. They have a nice front patio with two large tables so you can eat outside with your friends. Inside they have six smaller tables you can eat at.

It’s the perfect place to stop by if you’re going to the beach or coming back from the beach. Tonight I just came back from there with a trophy, a full gallon of milk for only $3.99. Most people think just because a place is small that you can’t get lower prices than a major supermarket. Shopping for groceries and eating here has been a wonderful experience, at least for me it was. Sam is the owner and is real nice, and they take good care of me while I’m here.

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