Love Dining Out?

Crab lovers, steak fanatics, and food aficionados must keep their pile of restaurant business cards. Why? They might lose sight of the best dine out places in all of the USA. Funny as this may sound, this is true.

What Was That Place, Honey?

After a good meal of fresh crabs, shrimp Creole, and grilled juicy Tuna slabs, it’s time to go ask for the place’s business card. You’ll want to recommend the place to you family and friends. Start collecting these cards and stack it in your personalized business card holders. One day it’ll pay dividends.

It’s very frustrating not to recall the place when somebody asks you the name of that great discovery and all you can say is "What was that place, honey?" You have no choice bout to draw a map and put an X on the place that’s supposed to be the great find.

A call placed to the restaurant may yield information how to find the place but it’s different when you know which to call for that lip-smacking Italian Veal Rolls and Baked Fennel.

If you are also in the food business or a columnist writing about great dine-out places, these personalized business card holders are your important tools of the trade, so take no chances.

To make sure you have the right place, always write that spectacular menu at the back of the business card before you hustle it into your personalized business card holders. You’ll know which to call for what and which to recommend to your boss.

The Great Dine-outs Without The Sting

In Denver, there’s this restaurant on Colfax Avenue that has the scrumptious desserts and filling meals – seafood, spicy Mexican delights, and pasta, and the beer is overflowing. There’s actually booze in the mixed drinks. You’ll love to hang out there too because of the friendly staff.

The French Roast Cafa in Broadway, New York has goat cheese salad and chilled avocado soup to die for. You’ll also love the salads and the gratins they served. It’s always a busy place, but no wonder.

In San Francisco, there’s this restaurant that repeats the classic old world charm in its interiors. The best seared day boat scallops is just one of the many reasons to go there. A bit expensive but you’ll get the best dining experience on less expense.

Just imagine if you lose their business cards because you didn’t file it in your personalized business card holders! Forget the name of the restaurant and lose the business card, and all is lost. Okay you can find it in the internet, but nothing beats the fact that you have at your disposal tons of business cards to best eats.

More Expensive Dining

If you have a yen for expensive dining, there’s this culinary palace in the upper East Side that offers a five course meal at a whooping $125 per person. If this doesn’t shock you yet, there’s another elegant restaurant in Napa Valley that serves dinner at a mind-boggling $254 per person.

So keep the chef’s business cards on your personalized business card holders for that big spending – and truly great dining experience.

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