Indian Restaurants In Sugarland Texas

Houston has warm weather, a mixed ethnicity and cheap living cost. These factors make Houston as a place to be for living. Because of these facts Houston has been attracting immigrants since many years.

Sugarland has got a big Indian population. Most of the Indian population is settled in Southwest Houston mainly Hillcroft area. However Indians being a hard worker and good earner community, you will find Indian population in almost all areas of Sugarland and Houston. Sugarland has lot many Indian hotels, motels, bars, clubs and restaurants.

Speaking strictly for restaurants, Houston has a wide variety of Indian restaurants. If I compare Houston to many Indian cities, I will say Houston offer more diversity when it comes to Indian food. Houston offers Indian meals from as low as $5 a person buffet to $200 plus for seven course dinner at selected high end restaurants. Houston has North Indian restaurants, Pakistani restaurants, Halal meat restaurants, South Indian restaurants, Bengali restaurants and may be a few more different types of Indian restaurants.

In Sugarland on Hillcroft road there are a few Indian restaurants that offer very cheap buffet in the range of $5 - $7 per person. These buffets are very popular among office crowd. Most of these restaurants are North Indian restaurants. However on Hillcroft road itself, you will see many budget South Indian restaurants as well.

When it comes to elite Indian restaurant in Houston, the honor goes to Aashiana. In my rating, because of their exclusive range of wines and fine dinner, I will rank them among one of the top restaurants in all cuisine. If you are a vegetarian, then Madras Pavilion is best vegetarian restaurant in town.

So if you are ready to experiment and want to try Indian food, Sugarland is most happening place. Just pick up your car and roam around on Richmond road and you will get at least twenty good Indian restaurants.

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