How to Save Money Dining Out

The best way to save money on dining out is with a membership in the Zurvita Care Savers Program. Zurvita Care Saver is your personal discount program at your favorite restaurants, movie theatres, local retailers, daily services and, personal care and pet care providers. Zurvita Care Saver Card is your onsite discount program on everyday purchases and services.


The Zurvita Care Saver program will save you up to 50% on home repairs and home security to name a few. But an additional benefit of membership is that you also save the same savings (up to 50%) on over 600 online or offline retailers, Health an beauty services, 20,000 hotels, personal services and 50,000 restaurants.


As a Zurvita Care Saver member, you can enjoy “star treatment” by taking advantage of big savings on movie tickets and DVD rentals at the most popular and favorite places. Members get to enjoy the big screen at a small price.


  • Save up to $6 per movie ticket!

  • Choose from more than 1,500 theaters nationwide!

  • 3 national movie rental chains create access to millions of titles!


Another benefit of the Zurvita Care Saver program is the Zurvita Personal Assistant. Having a team of professional personal Assistant at your beck and call just a phone call away. Once you begin using Zurvita Personal Assistant to help you take care of life's little challenges you will begin to see the benefit of having a personal Assistant whenever you need information or a task performed.


You can use the Zurvita Personal Assistant to make restaurant resvervations and get your movie times and reviews. Order your Zurvita Care Saver membership for today and start saving money on dining out.

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