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Ever been to restaurants that offer great food in a great ambiance, but you didn’t enjoy a bit of it due to sour service? Restaurants are a part of the hospitality industry. Food is no doubt the main reason for a restaurants existence. But there is more to them than food – quick, pleasant service and comfortable and great ambiance. A restaurant might serve great food, but if the service is bad, that would be a competitive disadvantage. To have an increased future patronage, increased customer satisfaction is a necessity.

The first thing you see before you get to eat the dishes you ordered for is the people at your service. "A smiling face is half the meal". If the waiter or waitress is cool and pleasant enough, you might not give too much of importance to the minor taste differences in what you are eating. And what fun is it, if you get great tasting food but cold due to delayed service.

That’s probably why people got down to writing restaurant reviews. Searches are getting simpler for diners & foodies as they can find out what others are saying about a restaurant before they choose to eat there. With the web full of restaurant recommendations and reviews based on the diner’s experience – hunting for local restaurant reviews has surely become the first step while choosing a restaurant.

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