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Restaurantplace launches a completely free restaurant menu guide, which features restaurant contact information, hours of operation, cuisines, associated college campuses, pictures, rankings and reviews, and, most importantly, the restaurant's menu. Restaurantplace is one of the first free menu guides for restaurants and city patrons that allow restaurants complete access to control all their information including menus. The Restaurantplace guide was created to consolidate all information on restaurants so that consumers do not have to visit more than one site to get the information that they are looking for.

Instead of laboring over the stove, the vision of Restaurantplace is to make it more convenient for consumers to choose to dine in or take out from restaurants. We think more people can spend more time doing the things that they enjoy most. The difference between Restaurantplace and other restaurant directories is that the directory is free and restaurants are continuously maintaining and providing current information about their restaurant. The staff of Restaurantplace only assists in marketing the site as well as reminding restaurant owners or managers to keep their information up to date and accurate.

The Restaurantplace website allows restaurant owners to upload their menu and restaurant information through the Restaurantplace Wizard. The Wizard allows for ease of access and use so that restaurant owners or managers don't have to spend hours entering their menu and restaurant information. In addition, once a restaurant owner registers with Restaurantplace to enter their information and menu, they have access to update and edit their menu whenever their information or menu changes. Restaurantplace has made this process simple and easy to use so that restaurant owners and managers will continuously use our website to keep their information up to date for their patrons.

If you are a restaurant owner and would like a free listing for your restaurant, please visit to receive your username and password.

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