Fine Dining Restaurants In Ontario: Choosing The Right Location

The city of Toronto is internationally known for its fine restaurants. Running the gamut - from ultra high-end eateries that flaunt the skills of their celebrity chefs - to trendy up-to-the-minute restaurants that use food as art - to established dining rooms that prepare food in the traditional manner, Toronto is home to some of the best dining in the world. The city has many first class restaurants and countless lesser-known fine little bistros. With such a huge population base, the city easily can support a wide variety of high end dining establishments along with their accompanying high end dining prices. However, with the wide selection of the gourmet dining available throughout Ontario, choosing the right location is difficult. The following paragraphs will shed light into making the best selection for fine dining.

Many people believe that to get a premier dining experience, they must be in a large metropolitan area. This is simply not the case. Lodges, bed and breakfasts, and Ontario inns have some of the freshest foods, sometimes even ensuring that the food is organic and in-season whenever possible. Because more remote locations don't typically receive a large amount of business, they seek to make every customer's experience enjoyable, memorable, and filled will high quality cuisine that will keep people coming back to support their business. In addition, because these locations are typically run and managed by a small group of people or even a family, the pride that smaller locations take in the food preparation and dining experience is sometimes superior to larger locations that have prominent names.

In addition, smaller locations like Canadian resorts and inns are able to offer fine wine that comes from local wineries. Although country inns in Ontario may not have a large selection, the chef or individual that orders the wine will usually be able to offer wine recommendations as they have extensive knowledge as to the different types of wine that they carry and how the wine compliments each of the dishes that they serve.

Gourmet dining is not only about the quality and selection of food, but also about the setting. Small boutique-style country inns and resorts often provide the tranquil and relaxed environment that many people crave. Unlike big city restaurants, lodges, inns, and bed and breakfasts are able to cater to people providing waterfront/lakeside accommodations, peaceful wilderness, and special attention to its guests.

Smaller gourmet dining locations are often able to offer personalized service that is often lacking in larger restaurants. Whether it's from dietary concerns, food recommendations, or simply making sure that you have a romantic dining experience, Ontario resorts, inns, and lodges are able to compete with the larger upscale restaurants found in larger cities like Toronto.

A positive experience often goes beyond fine dining. Some people also prefer Canadian inns or lodges because they are able to spend a whole weekend enjoying gourmet food, luxurious accommodations, a wide array of recreational activities, and world class service.

The options are limitless when it comes to fine gourmet dining at an Ontario resort, inn, or lodge. You are no longer limited to large metropolitan restaurants. A growing number of visitors are returning again and again to remote locations in Ontario because of the fine dining and other numerous benefits that this region offers.

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