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New York, New Jersey and Newark, is the cosmopolitan trinity of America. We really don’t see such a multi-ethnic populace anywhere else in this country. Newark, being just five miles away from Manhattan, is as active, if not more. Being one of the major port towns of the East, there is no dearth of immigrants or temporary travelers. In such a scenario, the hotel and restaurant industry is pressurized to meet so many hungry demands, which they do with great aplomb.

One look at the top restaurants here, and you’d realize that Latino food is the local favorite. Spanish restaurants, Newark, visibly dominate the scene here. Don Pepe Restaurant & Caterers, Forno’s of Spain Restaurant and Iberia Peninsula Restaurant, are three of the best in Spanish cuisine. Few have the Mexican and Portuguese variations as well.

The Post House however, serves some of the best breakfast in Newark. You can keep the Spanish cuisine for the next meal, but don’t miss your breakfast at The Post House. If you fancy an Oriental restaurant in Newark, check out the bliss of Soya sauce and noodles at Amin’s Fongyip Chinese Muslim Restaurant, Wok Roll or Jade Garden Chinese Food. Staunch pizza lovers always have Dickie Dee’s Pizza, Napoli Pizzeria & Restaurant and 2 Brother’s Pizzeria & Restaurant to bank on. Their patrons seem to be pretty happy with the food and service.

Be it Spanish, Chinese or just plain American, it doesn’t take much to see that food is in abundance here. So which one of these is your choice sailor?

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