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So you’ve ended up in Las Vegas and are almost out of cash even for the next cigarette. Not many would want this happen to them, especially when they are travelling or on a vacation. Restaurants offer great foods from myriad cultures across the world but most often they do tend to burn a hole in your wallet. But that doesn’t mean always eat cheap and never explore unknown cuisines – as they could leave you empty handed plus with an empty stomach (if it doesn’t suit your taste buds).

Customers can try a new dining experience for less with discounted restaurant gift cards or discount restaurant gift certificates. Offering discounts helps both the diner and also the restaurateur, as restaurant owners can promote their restaurants this way.

Just to check out a few places – in Las Vegas, you can get a $25 restaurant gift certificate from Rosemary’s. If you want to dine in an extremely expensive and fantastic French food restaurant that has a romantic atmosphere, you’ve get a discount at Andre's French Restaurant.

San Francisco with its multiple, exotic cuisines also offers restaurant discounts at Oola, Cote Sud, Escape From New York Pizza, Panta Rei Cafe Restaurant and many more. New Yorkers have plenty of places too like the Ole Restaurant, Le Souk Inc, Essex Restaurant, Cuba, Philip Marie, Good Restaurant to name a few.

Online restaurant guides are an excellent source to check out for discounts, offers along with diner reviews and recommendations. At Los Angeles restaurants like Black Whale, La Luz Del Dia, Vienna Café, Pecorino Restaurant, Jaipur Cuisine of India are some of the best places to get a discount from.

Spending a weekend in Chicago, then this is where to go for your discounted offers – Hounds Tooth Saloon, Odyssey Cruises, Restaurant El Ranchito, People, and Raw Bar & Grill. There are always more restaurants that get added to the list, but to end let’s talk about Seattle as well. Some cool discounted restaurant recommendations in Seattle are Tacos Guaymas, Bernards on Seneca, Bamboo Bar & Grill, and Pegasus Pizza.

Why spend more, when you can have the same for less with restaurant discount coupons.

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