Dining Out Tips To Smile About

Americans are spending more of their meal time dining out. Healthier fare, specialty wines and rich after-dinner coffees are among the hot trends people seek when eating in a restaurant. While these menu items please the palate, they are also high in acid, which over time can take its toll on your teeth and may lead to a condition called acid wear.

Cat Cora of Iron Chef America has teamed up with Sensodyne┬« ProNamel™, a new toothpaste that delivers state-of-the-art acid wear and sensitivity protection, to create The Food Pro's Guide to Dining Out With a Smile to help people indulge in foods they love with confidence as well as share tips to prevent acid wear. "Just like many Americans, I'm concerned about nutrition, whether I'm eating at a restaurant or cooking for my family at home," says Cora. "I'm excited to partner with Sensodyne ProNamel on this new guide and get the word out about how people can enjoy their favorite foods and make the most out of any dining experience."

The acids in popular foods can gradually soften the protective layer of tooth enamel. During toothbrushing, the softened enamel can become thin and wear away more easily. Over time, untreated acid wear can weaken the enamel so much that it ultimately can change the appearance of teeth and cause painful tooth sensitivity. The Food Pro's Guide to Dining Out With a Smile includes simple steps to prevent against acid wear so you can indulge with confidence.

Here are a few helpful tips from The Food Pro's Guide to Dining Out With a Smile to help you make the most of any dining experience and keep those pearly whites strong and beautiful:

• In the Know

If your city has many trendy and "hot" restaurants, you may find it hard to get a reservation. Try "making friends" with the hostess or receptionist who takes the reservation calls. Calling first thing in the morning, when the reservation line opens, can also help you snag a reservation.

• Be Wine Savvy

Keep your smile all the way home by setting a wine budget before you dine out-and then stick to it! With all the wine options available, you should never overspend on wine you know nothing about. An in-house sommelier can recommend the perfect complement to any meal you order.

• Indulge With Confidence

Use a toothpaste like Sensodyne ProNamel before you dine out to help you enjoy your favorite foods! Sensodyne ProNamel protects your teeth from an acid attack.

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