Dining Out Experience Can Be Improved

It's Saturday night and you want to kick back from a hard week of work and relax with friends or family. You go to the local casual dining restaurant and find that the front entrance area is so crowded with people that you can barely push your way to the hostess stand. Then you learn that there is an hour and a half wait for a table.

You then have to ask yourself if you want to stand shoulder to shoulder in this sea of people for 90 minutes or do you want to try somewhere else. The trouble with going somewhere else, however, is that it is Saturday night and it's likely that any restaurant you choose will have the same estimated wait time.

SmartHost Paging eliminates this problem for the customer and the restaurant. It is an easy to use paging service that will save you time and the restaurant money. The restaurant no longer has to worry about patrons leaving because of long lines.

When their table is ready the restaurant will page the customer using SmartHost Paging. This will send a message to the patrons mobile phone. No longer are they required to stand around a busy waiting area, or carry a short range coaster pager. This provides a unique opportunity for the restaurant to increase revenue and customer service.

Customers can also receive an invitation to visit the restaurant on their birthday or anniversary for a free dessert.

The restaurant management can receive an estimated forecast of the wait time based on day of the week, time of the day and any possible holidays. Patrons then know when to expect to receive the text message notifying them the table is ready.

DotLogik Inc. has developed two products in one. The paging system that will notify patrons when their table is ready, and the display that will show everyone in the lobby who is beeing seated. Half of the screen shows who is next to be seeted and then other half can show just about anything you like. Sports, commercials, daily specials, slides videos or TV. This keeps the patrons inthe restaurant entertained and keeps them looking up at the monitor so they know when their table is ready.

When you are out for a nice dinner and are told you need to wait 60 minutes or more for a table, you will be wishing they had SmartHost Paging. Ask for SmartHost Paging and keep your time to yourself.

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Restaurant texting is taking over from conventional < Restaurant Paging. No more Pagers to carry around receive a page on your mobile phone with SmartHost Paging. Mobile phone paging systems using text message.