Cooking Inspiration Found In Restaurants

What type of cuisine do you enjoy the most? Everyone has their favorite foods. Yet, there are some people that love to cook, but still enjoy their favorite meals at a particular restaurant. Many people like to cook, and also choose to dine out once in a while, to savor the flavor their favorite cuisine. Most people do not realize how restaurants can be a prime source to find inspiration for personal cooking.

Your Favorite Restaurants

What do you like to eat at your favorite restaurants? You can use your own dining experiences to find different dishes to cook. Start by making a list of the restaurants that you like. Next, you can consider what do they offer, that always brings you back. Is it the way they cook the food? Is it the gorgeous decor? What do you order the most often? After you have thought about these issues, then you can apply them to enhance your cooking and your dining room.

Look Over The Menu

Every cook has his or her own individual style. You can get a sense for the types of ingredients and seasonings the chef prefers, as you read over the menu. Anything that strikes you as fascinating or surprising, be sure to make a note of it and get it down in writing. Then you can apply it to your own personal cooking.

For example, say you ordered an orange duck dish that was so yummy, that you got a second helping. While you were looking over the menu, you zoomed in on the orange duck, made a mental note that is was roasted over an open fire and marinated in a sweet and sour orange sauce. The method of cooking and the kind of sauce sounded delicious to you. After your orange duck arrived, you were delighted that it also smelled as good as it sounded on the menu. This is the time to write down some notes, like how the duck was roasted, how long did it marinate in the sauce and that maybe only fresh oranges and honey went into the sauce.

Go To Chef Classes

Did you know that you can learn from your favorite restaurants by asking if the chef teaches classes some place near where you live? Why not go ahead and take their class, if the chef does. You will get a way to learn directly from a professional chef. Then, with this new skill, you can fix the restaurant dishes that you love in your own kitchen.

Try New Cuisines

An easy and a good way to get introduced to a different cuisine is to dine at the restaurant that specializes in it. This is a key method to help you learn about how the food should taste. If you try it at the restaurant first, you will have something to measure by as to what it is supposed to taste like. Then, if it is to your liking, you can attempt to cook the dish at home. This puts you on the right track, verses trying to guess at how to cook it first, before tasting it already prepared.

For more cooking inspiration, you can locate on the Internet, a comprehensive ebook that covers everything you ever wanted to know about cooking, but never dared to ask. This will add fun and enjoyment to your restaurant and cooking experiences even more.

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