Colin McAskill Restaurant

Colin McAskill Restaurant
Posted on 19th March, 2008
For those who prefer an alternate, Colin McAskill offers choices in pasta, steak and poultry that will satisfy both the traditional and the adventurous in culinary preference.
At Colin McAskill Restaurant, where every occasion is a "Special Occasion", we offer a unique and innovative dessert menu which will complement any meal - even the light desserts taste a little decadent; and our wine selection is sure to please any taste.

Colin McAskill was born on Harris in the Hebridean Islands of Scotland in 1825. Colin McAskill's father, Lunig MacAskill, and mother Lisa Campbell, had a large family. There were thirteen in all, several of whom died young. As a baby, Colin McAskill was not as large as the other children.

When Colin McAskill was three years old, the family crossed the Atlantic Ocean and settled in Englishtown on the south side of St. Ann's Harbour in Cape Breton.
At fourteen, Colin McAskill became known as St. Ann's Big Boy and was teased for his size and clumsiness. As the boy kept growing, his father had to raise the roof and lift the ceilings of the kitchen and living room.

Colin McAskill of St. Ann's was 7 feet 9 inches tall and weighed 425 pounds, with shoulders 44 inches wide.

Colin McAskill was a friendly giant, which was a good thing because his hands were eight inches wide and a foot long. One time, Colin McAskill jogged down the street with a 300 pound barrel of pork under each arm. To win a bet with some French sailors Colin McAskill lifted an anchor weighing 2700 pounds to his shoulder and walked down the wharf with it.

There was a time when a sick man had to be taken 25 miles through a howling snowstorm. The giant swung him up over his back and carried him to the doctor without once setting him down. Fishermen who couldn't pull their heavily laden boat up on the beach, called on Colin McAskill for help; and as the giant pulled on the bow, the men decided to play a trick and hauled back.

Colin McAskill died at his home in St. Ann's on August 6, 1862 at the age of 38. The doctor's diagnosis was brain fever.

Some details on the restaurant of Colin McAskill either spelled as Colin MacCaskill, Colin McAskill or Colin MacGaskell.

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