Choosing the Right Restaurant for You

We all know how hard it can be when dinnertime rolls around, you’re exhausted from work and the only thing on the shelf is some junk food. You just want to go somewhere nice to relax where you can have a good meal. But where? You crack open the phone book. Scan the listings. Weigh your options. You make a decision. But somehow, when you get there, it’s not at all what you had expected. Still, you decide to eat there anyway. The food ends up being awful, the service is horrendous and, worst of all it’s overpriced. At that point you’re thinking, it would have been easier and more enjoyable to have stayed home with that bag of Fritos.

This experience can be incredibly frustrating – it’s happened to all of us. It’s so hard to make an educated decision just by looking at a restaurants name, their few photos in an ad, or even their menu.

There’s four key things to look for in finding a great restaurant.

Ambiance. Make sure the setting is right for you. If you’re looking for somewhere quiet and upscale and you end up in a fast food joint, you’re not going to be happy. Look at video first to make sure that when you want to go out to relax with the family, that the restaurant of your choice has a kid-friendly atmosphere. This is key.

Food Quality. You’re going out "to eat," right? You want to enjoy your meal. Check out reviews from other customers before hand to see what they say about the food – taste, preparation, flavor. What if you could see video of the food online – to give you a sneak peek at what will soon be on your plate. This might make things easier so you don’t have any nasty surprises or unexpectedly small/big portions.

Service. You want to know that the team of people serving you are going to treat you well and give you proper attention. It would be nice to see some of their faces before hand – to get a feel for their overall attitude and know that they’ll be helpful and not just for the tip.

Pricing. Check to make sure that this is a dining location with options in your price range. There’s nothing like sitting down at a restaurant starving to find that a hamburger costs $17 with lettuce and tomato extra! Or vice versa. We’ve been terribly hungry, walked into a Mexican restaurant, saw a $1 burrito on the menu and wondered if eating it might kill us or at least make some vital organ explode.

Anyhow, our point is, be aware of your choices before you make up your mind. Look into your options an educated decision, BEFORE you leave.

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