A Female View of a Romantic Restaurant

I think that going out to a restaurant with someone special is one of the most romantic things you can do. For me, the thing that defines a restaurant as a romantic one, is the view. It could be of the ocean, the mountains, or from atop a penthouse. One of the best views I have ever seen was in a restaurant called the La Rhond, in Edmonton, Alberta. It is a revolving restaurant with an ever changing view of the city lights. You can even see the stars glittering in the sky on a clear dark night.

The second most important element is lighting. I like a restaurant with low lights, with just a candle flickering on the table. I don't like sitting under florescent lights that make your skin look ghastly, showing every crease and wrinkle, and your make-up look garish. Soft lighting just makes you feel more attractive and your partner appear more mysterious.

The decor in a romantic restaurant should offer privacy, either with partitions or plants. You want to be able to talk without feeling that other people can hear you! Sweet nothings are meant for select ears only! When I go on a date at a romantic restaurant, I like to be surprised with flowers or a small gift of chocolate; the little things mean a lot when it comes to romance. Sometimes, if it for a birthday or anniversary, a gift of jewelry presented along with a toast of champagne can't be beaten.

For me, wine or even better, champagne, is a necessity for a romantic dinner. I like white wine and I like to savor a bottle before and along with my meal. Wine is like a lubricant for the soul, making you feel expansive and special. I just can't imagine a romantic dinner with a glass of coke or mineral water.

The food, of course, goes without saying, is crucial. The vegetables must be fresh, the meat cooked to perfection. Dessert must be creamy and chocolatly. The service should be go excellent, the waiter gathering whether you are in a hurry or wanting a dining experience and acting accordingly. There is nothing worse when you are at a restaurant wanting to have a special night but feeling you are getting the bum's rush by the waiter, bringing your cheque even before your coffee is finished.

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