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Bournemouth has long been associated with money and a consequence of this is that there are hundreds of restaurants in the locale. With newer and more exclusive restaurants opening all of the time. One of my personal favourite restaurants is Case Pepe's spanish restaurant located in Boscombe. A must for any steak lover. The consistent cooking of the steaks would make any restaurant owner proud. Believe me I have eaten a few. Another exclusive restaurant located right on the beach is Vesuvio's an upmarket Italian restaurant. There are many others to speak of suffice to say the standard of restaurants in Bournemouth is very good, whatever particular cuisine that takes your fancy.

There is an African restaurant called Zafari which specialises in African cuisine from all over the Continent. (try some Biltong?) A South African speciality of dried beef, far superior to beef jerky, as well as Boerewors available in different flavours but originally a mixture of beef and lamb sausage. In my opinion the best sausage in the World providing it is cooked right. So for something different and delicious this restaurant comes highly recommended! The Chinese Cuisine is all of a very good standard. Our tip is the Red Panda on Bournemouth seafront. It is hard to single out any bad Chinese restaurant venues.

La Stalla restaurant just outside Bournemouth in Wallisdown is a small family run business which delivers fantastic consistent food, from spaghetti carbonara right through to the delicious steaks with a mouth watering sauce, which I personally have the recipe for. Very well run, intimate and cosy. A fine example of Italian food that is good. There are some good Portugese restaurants as well as many Thai, Speciality and Vegetarian. The Town abounds with all nationality Cuisines which are hard to separate. Ideal on a summers evening with a casual stroll down the beach which is 2 minutes away from most of the restaurants in Bournemouth. Again, we could recommend literally dozens of restaurants all around the Town but cannot fit this into this page. Why not see for yourself?

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