5 Best Restaurants in San Jose

San Jose or Pueblo de San Jose is proud of its marvelous ethnic diversity which has found its way to its cuisine. So it has a variety of options for those who crave for unique flavors. Though popular cuisines are American, Mexican and Chinese; fusions like Cal-Mex are also popular.

Check out the 5 best restaurants in San Jose:

* Original Joe’s Restaurant is one of the all time classic restaurants in San Jose as it has been around since 1956. The cuisine served here has the traditional San Francisco flair. The interior of the restaurant has the retro 50’s atmosphere. The food and service are excellent. This is the place for those who love tasty Italian American food.

* The top rated Chinese restaurant in San Jose is Sino. The dishes served here include the traditional Dim Sum and the modern Chinese cuisine. The menu includes the Crispy Kumquat Chicken Medallions, Braised Tofu, Sizzling Beef Filet Mignon and the Spicy Dragon Prawns. It’s a non-smoking restaurant.

* Cicero’s Pizza is the best pizza restaurant in San Jose. This restaurant has been around since 1961 and therefore is hugely popular. Make sure to reserve your seats if you don’t want to stand in the long waiting line. Their specialty is thin crust pizzas available in different varieties of toppings. The service is friendly.

* La Victoria Taqueria, a Mexican restaurant is open till late in the night and therefore is the top spot for late night eats. It makes one of the best sauces but the recipe is a closely guarded secret. It has won the audience appreciation for being the best budget eatery in San Jose.

* Ramen Halu, a fast food restaurant has a cozy atmosphere with excellent service. They serve the best Ramen in the whole of San Jose.

Happy munching!

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