5 Best Restaurants in San Francisco

It comes as no surprise that for the past 10 years San Francisco has been named as the top city for dining out by the readers of Bon Appétit magazine; all because of the quality and the quantity of its restaurants. The popular cuisines are Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Japanese and American. All this has made it a one-of-kind destination for food lovers. With so many choices in this city of plenty that it is difficult to decide where to eat.

Of the top-rated ones, let’s take a look at the 5 best restaurants in SF

1. Pancho Villa Taqueria, a Mexican restaurant has a great atmosphere, great service and great food. You can find the selected works of local artists on its walls every month. The menu includes varieties of luscious Tacos, Quesadillas, Nachos and Burritos.

2. Those who dined at House of Nanking are of the opinion that it is the best Chinese restaurant in San Francisco. Hot and Sour Chicken or Beef in Garlic Sauce, Tofu with Curry, Imperial Rolls full of vegetables, BBQ pork are some of the local favorites. The main drawbacks are that they do not accept reservations and the payment is by cash only.

3. Delfina Restaurant is the number one Italian restaurant in San Francisco. It is a tiny restaurant but the atmosphere is elegant and relaxed; and the service friendly and informed. Its menu is not that long but their specialty is seafood. Highlights of their menu are the different varieties of pastas, risottos, and the home made dessert Buttermilk Panna Cotta with caramel and kumquats.

4. Ozumo Restaurant is a Japanese restaurant known for their (you guessed it right) excellent sushi. The ambience is relaxed and the service friendly and prompt.

5. House of Prime Rib is the popular restaurant in San Francisco for American cuisine. It is an ideal hangout for meat lovers and their specialty is Prime Rib. It’s a non smoking restaurant and the other facilities include valet parking so you need not struggle for parking your car.

Well, you must have understood by now why it is known as ‘The Food City’.

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