Using Boiling Water To Cook Quick Meals

You know, it is almost impossible to cook a homemade meal without using a lot of water. All of the fruits and vegetables we use must always be washed thoroughly before we chop, slice, peel, or cube them into whatever shape we want these foods to be or maybe sometimes we will just cook them whole. Then we usually will have to add at least some water to other dishes we with to make.

Almost everyone loves to cook at home whenever we can because we know that it is more nutritious for our family in the long run. Working parents are trying to find easier and faster ways to serve healthy meals for their families, but sometimes this is easier said than done. Many times it will require some specified grocery shopping and planned menus in order to pull it off. It can be hard to come in from work and just whip up something easy and healthy on the spur of the moment.

Dishes that require pasta or rice are always good choices. Either of these kitchen staples are cooked using boiling water and do not take a lot of time to be done. They are very nutritious when combined with low fat meats like broiled or baked chicken or fish. You can sometimes add a packet of seasoning or a can of soup like cream of chicken or mushroom and have a healthy meal in about thirty minutes. When you brown and drain a pound of ground hamburger and drain it well, you can cook up a pot of freshly made spaghetti by adding some marinara or sauce from a jar that it made with good ingredients and the taste is much better than using a frozen version.

Boiling potatoes in water is also fast and easy. You can add some freshly steamed broccoli, cheese, and any other chopped meat topping and have a fairly quick meal. You can use boiling water to cook all sorts of things. Homemade vegetable or chicken soup actually does not take that long and when you cook a large amount is it great to have some left over for lunch at work or school. Home made soups or stew can many times be more nutritious because the vegetable or usually less over cooked and you can add less salt than is in many canned varieties. There is much more info that can be gathered on this subject with just a little looking.

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