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Today's working parents have designed ingenious ways of making sure there is a healthy meal on the table in time for dinner each day. Some parents spend Saturday and Sunday cooking meals for the rest of the week. They freeze the food and then all they have to do when they get home from work is to pop the ready made dinner in the oven or microwave. Of course, with the many frozen meals you can buy at the supermarket, there is an alternative to spending your free time cooking. While these are fine to get you out of a pinch, it is not a good idea to rely on them as the only source of dinner for adults or children.

Most parents want to provide the family with a meal that looks as it they spent hours in the kitchen. There are many simple meals you can prepare when you get home from work and still have dinner at a reasonable time. You do have to plan ahead and have all the ingredients on hand when you start to prepare the food and drink you want to serve. This means shopping for these ingredients each week and making a plan for what you want to serve each day. Check the shelves of your cupboards and refrigerator to make sure you have the seasonings and basic foodstuffs that you need.

It is also best if you plan the complete menu for each meal. This way you know exactly what you need to buy when you go shopping for groceries. It also helps to eliminate serving the same meal twice in a row if you tend to get a little sidetracked. For example, you can serve potatoes one day, rice the next, noodles the next and so on. If you decide to cook a roast on Sunday, you can include plans for the leftover meat in the menu plan for the week.

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