How to get the most out of every meal

I just got off the phone with one of my Maximize Your Metabolism Inner Circle clients and part of what I like to instill in each of my clients are the ?basics? of how to make the right decisions after they lose their weight. I mean, let's face it?losing weight is not the hardest part of this whole process. After years of working with people, from all walks of life, I can confidently take almost anyone and give them the information necessary for them to lose weight and transform their body from ?ordinary? to ?extraordinary?, but that's only the starting point! The real deal, is to leave them with the knowledge, and the motivation, and the tools and techniques necessary to maintain that new tight, lean, sexy body for good. Anyway? While discussing some of the basics with this client one question came up about how to determine what's the most important food group on their plate at any given meal. So here's the formula ? and this is as basic as you can make it because I believe that unless you can write a formula down on the back of a napkin AND fully understand it ? it's not worth implementing in your life. (((and this formula works for those who want to lose weight, as well as those who have already lost weight and are now trying to maintain their weight))) 1st ? Eat the foods on your plate that are most import to your HEALTH (non-starchy vegetables fall into this category). 2nd ?Eat the foods that are most import to your LOOKS. For example, protein can help your body get into the fat-burning mode, so this category of food, since it could help you burn body fat, is important to your looks and is the second most important food to include in each and every meal. You see, the nutrients in your vegetables supply your body with all the nutrition it needs to build the HEALTH of your metabolism, so that it can burn fat when you ?ask it to?. However, protein acts like the spark that's necessary to ignite the fire within your metabolism and get your body into the fat-burning zone. 3rd ? And finally, eat the foods that you enjoy the taste of last. In fact, this category should be eliminated entirely if possible. In this category you might find things such as salad dressing, bread, pasta, crackers, etc, etc, etc. And one final note about how to get the most out of every meal you eat? Try to drink as little liquid with your meals as possible. Your body digests the food you eat using natural chemicals and enzymes. When you add liquid to your meals, you dilute those substances, and make it harder for your body to digest the food. So the less you drink during a meal, the more efficiently your body can digest your food and the more energy you?ll have after the digestion process is over. The best time to drink liquid is in between meals. Begin to limit your intake starting 30 minutes before a meal begins and keep it low up to 30 minutes after you?ve completed your meal.

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