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Considering a home meal delivery service? These services prepare meals for you and then ship them to your home weekly.

All you do is store the meals in your fridge or freezer until you need them. Then when you're ready - just heat and eat.

There are many different types of meal home delivery. You can get gourmet meal delivery, weight loss meals, low sodium meals, low fat meals, Zone compliant meals, vegetarian meals, diabetic friendly meals and more.

You can choose meals by occasion like a special date, birthday, new baby or holiday meal. You can even send gourmet meals as a unique gift to a friend or business colleague.

Meal delivery is exploding in popularity as people realize that it can save them both time and money. Here are a some of the ways a meal delivery service can help you:

1) Save Time - When you have meals prepared and shipped to you, you save a lot of time. There's no shopping for groceries, washing ingredients, preparing the meals. Plus there's minimal cleanup afterwards.

Plus, depending on if you're using a microwave or conventional oven, it can take from 5 to 30 minutes to heat your food - so it's ready very fast.

According to some services you can save 10-15 hours per week just on food preparation alone. The time you save can then be spent on more important things like your family, career or hobbies.

2) Save Money - Most people think meal delivery is expensive. But actually it's not. And in fact, it can save you money.

How? Because these services can buy food in bulk and get huge discounts. They're experts in knowing exactly what they need to buy and what they don't. These savings get passed on to you.

There are some diet food delivery services for example that come in around $3 a meal. Other services cost around $15 a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner - which is less than most people spend on food per day.

You can even find gourmet food delivery services that run around $25 a day which is still less than you'd spend on a typical restaurant meal.

There's also another way you save money. You save on groceries - because you're not stuck throwing out food that has gone bad in your fridge.

3) Get Healthy Food For Your Family - This is a big one. With childhood obesity rates skyrocketing, many families are looking for healthier alternatives to fast food meals.

But what can you do if you work full time? There are meal delivery services that will prepare complete, healthy, nutrient-balanced meals for you.

So you can make sure the kids are getting proper nutrition without the excess calories and preservatives found in prepared or fast foods. Plus when there's dinner ready and on the table, kids are less likely to snack on junk foods out of hunger.

4) Send a Gift That Stands Out- If you're looking to avoid the standard box of chocolates or flowers and send a gift that really stands out, you can send a gourmet meal to someone special.

There are delivery services that have special themed chef-prepared meals that you can choose to send to someone else. Themes include Birthday meals, New Baby meals, Thank You meals, Congratulations meals, Meals for Her and Meals for Him.

This is also a much more personal gift to send to someone if you can't be there on their special occasion like Mother's Day, the holidays or a birthday.

5) Look Like A Gourmet In Front of Your Friends or Significant Other - Ok, so you're not the best cook in the world - I can relate. But you want to entertain in style. Or you really want to impress that special someone.

So what do you do? You can actually get gourmet chef-prepared meals delivered to your home before the big day.

You can order anything from a Romantic Italian feast to a Marine Shore Clambake with live Lobsters. And with detailed heating instructions on the package, even the worst cook can look like a gourmet chef.

6) Great For Ill or Recovering Patients - Many people find that meal delivery is a God-send if they are ill or recovering from surgery. It takes very little effort to just heat a meal up in the microwave of oven.

You don't even have to leave the house - which is a great way to take care of yourself if you're sick. And ordering from a service that prepares healthy, nutrient balanced meals can even speed your recovery time.

So those are some of the ways a meal delivery service can help you save time and money. The most time you'll spend with meal delivery is trying to decide which service to choose and finding all of your available options. There are lots of different services out there so take your time deciding which one is right for you.

But overall, if you're looking for a convenient way to eat healthy, gourmet meals even on a budget, meal home delivery may be the perfect solution.

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