Eating On the South Beach Diet Menu

When choosing a diet program, the food list can be a deciding factor for many people. Diets that have a long list of forbidden foods will be difficult and usually end in failure. The South Beach Diet is not that kind of diet.

When you take a look at the South Beach Diet you will be delighted to see that both the allowed and the forbidden foods are in fact varied in an interesting way and you will feel confident that you can use the "can haves" to come up with some super meal choices.

The diet has taken into account the fact that the majority of people enjoy eating meat of some description. Foodstuffs such as boiled ham, chicken breasts, Cornish game hen, lean cuts of beef and turkey feature on the list of items you can eat, even during Phase 1 when there is more concentration on cutting out bad carbohydrates and saturated fats.

The South Beach Diet is Mecca to the seafood lover. Eating the fruit of the sea is encouraged on all phases of the South Beach Diet, and you are especially reminded to eat fish that offer up high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, like cod and mackerel.

Fruits and many types of grains are not on the menu during Phase 1, but for those of you who really miss these items, do not worry, they are reintroduced on a gradual basis during Phase 2. The fact that you no longer crave these foods will mean you significantly reduce the portion size when you are once again allowed to eat them.

Fatty cheese and other dairy products are reintroduced to your diet during Phase 2 too. Cravings for these foods are also put in check during Phase 1, so you will find it easier to refrain from overeating these foods.

Vegetables are found in abundance throughout the South Beach Diet. Favorites like asparagus, cauliflower, celery and collard greens can be eaten freely. Want a little treat? How about pickles sweetened with Splenda.

By combining some of the available meats and cheeses on Phase 1 with romaine lettuce and spinach you can come up with some interesting salads which are totally allowed when following the South Beach Diet and you will find they are simply delicious.

When you look at the foods that are allowed on the South Beach Diet, you may be surprised to find many things you thought you would have to give up while dieting. Even when you take away the foods that are restricted, the sheer variety of food combinations available with the South Beach Diet are what makes this a popular program that will help you successfully reach your weight loss goals.

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