Benefits for meal planning.

Are you forever agonizing with designing menus for your household? Don't we all? Preparing food isn't so hard,but I have trouble coming up with unique ideas and when I think of something I commonly don't have the ingredients available, which either postpones my grand plans then and there or means hopping in the car and running to the market. Arranging menus coordinates my thoughts and helps me to lay out what I'm going to serve for the next several days.

Having a shopping list is a efficient, time and money saving tool. When it's on your list, you don't have to remember it,it's right there in black and white.No missing ingredients and less chance for big ticked and unnecessary purchases.Buy only what is on your list!

Everyday was the same thing. If your home is like ours, the kids have gotten home from school, I'm home from work and I have no idea what I was going to fix for dinner.Is it any wonder that pizza delivery is such a big business, it is usually that or some greasy hamburger joint. The kids may love it, but it not good for their health or yours. There are some nights when you are just to tired to go to the grocery store.

The result of not planning meals and having a simple shopping list. Always spending too much money, the monthly budget was getting spent on unnecessary items. Time was wasted ,instead of relaxing around the table eating dinner, we were running around trying to find something to eat. We were not eating healthy, since when is fast food good for you? I like knowing what is going into my food, not to mention the horror stories that I have heard about what some employees do to customers food. We weren't taking time to talk around the dinner table , get to know your family.

It's hard to believe the total time spent every month by people poring over cookbooks, three hours a week, twelve every month. That's a lot of page flipping. My guess is most of the task is wasted with nothing to show for your effort, no shopping list or meal plan to help with your chores.

Have you heard the Ben Franklin quote, "A penny saved is a penny earned".Well that's precisely what will happen when you prepare your meals in your own kitchen rather than getting food delivered or heading out to a high priced restaurant,even eating junk food everyday adds up. Making your meals at home will save you on average $60 a week, that's a pretty tidy sum every year.

The evening news is awash with reports of growing childhood obesity and soaring health problems.Having your meals at home is much better for you and your children.

Reconnect with your family every evening as you gather around the dinning room table eating a home cooked meal, get to know the days events in your child's and spouse's lives.Less stress for you and getting to know your kids better will have remarkable effects on your relationships.

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