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Melbourne is well known for its food lover. The Melbournians enjoy having a night out and an exquisite dinner. The city with its rich ethnic and cultural background is host to a wide array of delicacies around the world. Melbourne has a restaurant to match everyone's taste. Whether it is a Singles Dinner, a girl's night out, a family outing or a romantic rendezvous, Melbourne restaurants have answer to it. The restaurants epitomize inimitable taste of food and elegant and romantic atmosphere. All in all dining in Melbourne is an unforgettable experience.
Most of the iconic Melbourne restaurants are located at the heart of the city. Many of these restaurants like the le gourmet or the Lynch's restaurant are multiple award winning and they serve a variety of foreign cuisines. By crossing the Flinders street one would reach to a mini France in the Degraves Street. People who have a fetish for French cuisine would find the Degraves Street no less than the alleys of Paris where all the French delicacies are served. On the Flinders lane impish coffee shops brew some of the best coffees in the world. Any taste of coffee is easily available on the Flinders lane. For those who love exploring the night, Melbourne restaurants can be more tantalizing than anything in this world. With the brilliant and sparkling lights, good interiors and awe inspiring food they take the night at Melbourne at its zenith. If someone wants to enjoy a quiet and romantic dinner then wandering down to the south bank is the best option. Basking on the flickering and gleaming reflection of the city lights on the Yarra and enjoying a quiet but a delicious dinner is one of the best ways to spend a romantic night. If one likes Italian cuisine then the Lygon Street is the place where one can find all sorts of Italian delicacies. The waiters there accost their guests as soon as they lay their eye on them. For vegetarian food one can also try the bohemian Fitzroy.
Melbourne is like a big melting pot where many cultures and ethnicities have mixed with each other. Melbourne offers a varied range of cuisines. Be it Thai food, Italian food, French food or Indian food, one can find it all in the Melbourne city. The city boasts of state of art restaurants which serve some of the best foods in the world. It can be rightfully said that one would never forget their dining experience in Melbourne.

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