The Whole Idea About Dream Dinner

The term 'dream dinner' may bring to concious mind a exclusive date at a candlelit table, violin music in the background, with the repast capped by a marriage ring buried in the champaign glass. But Dream Dinners is also a unique food franchise that's rapidly developing. It involves locations where people can go to cook according to menus, then bring the food home to serve throughout the month. A lot of people ask, why didn't I think of that?

People are very busy today. Home cooked meals are becoming extinct . Sure, there are different kinds of healthy quick meals around, but most of the people still prefer home made cooking. But doesn't something have to give when time is on a budget? This franchise comes to the rescue.

It works something like this. Customers select up to 14 menu meals every month. Number of servings determines cost of each meal. Now while still at the store, they cook. Cooking experts supervise in either exclusive or normal cooking sessions. It's as if a cooking show host comes out of the television set to show people how to make the meal.

It's not as costly as it sounds. The more people purchase the more they save, so all 14 meals are about $3.5 per serving not reckoning sides and other items like salads. A total of about $5 per serving isn't a tough value to pay for a good meal. That's a great deal for the food addition the cooking instruction

Remember, these are franchises. It has its problems. It's not the food or menus or preparation, but rather the franchisees. Dream Dinners was profiled in March of '8 by Forbes. That particular article doesn't give a ordained thougts for the company. Franchisees flocked to this brand new concept. But many of the franchisees lost their shirts after only a short time, which meant the business plan may be flawed. The article detailed what was described as misrepresentations of the profit possible, and thus the overall valuation of franchises.

Let the franchisees and the company worry about the controversy, for the Dream Dinners is just what the chef ordered. That concludes this article, I hope you found the information helpful.

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