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A lot of Americans don't cook well. In part it's because of packed schedules. Often they don't have time to think about home cooking. The issue isn't always cooking but rather planning nutritious menus. It's not that hard, folks. A seven day menu isn't all that hard to plan for people who know where to look. Here are a few good dinner ideas for delicious meals the whole family can enjoy.

Fairs and street vendors often have corn dogs, an American favorite. While not a healthy food, it is a tasty one that is easy to prepare. Make a batter with some flour, corn meal, salt, sugar and baking powder mixed with milk, dip the hot dogs and then deep fry them until the batter is golden brown. You an even add a corn dog stick to make it feel authentic.

Way back when, in colonial times, dinner was a lighter snack followed by supper later in the day. Social status and job type dictated changes in this over time. People who performed manual labor continued with the tradition of dinner to keep up their energy. As times change and we move away from regular meals at home, dinner has become the anchor that keeps families together and signals the end of the out of the home portion of the day and the beginning of at home leisure time. But supper and dinner have become intertwined, often interchanged in meaning this big meal. The evening meal doesn't have to be huge, though. Go more the dinner way with a lighter meal.

Busy schedules and crock pots were made for each other. Set it up in the morning then enjoy a great meal at night. The whole meal can cook without supervision. Add some meat and some potatoes cut into quarters for a terrific pot roast. Pick up some salad and a fresh loaf of bread at the store. You can also let the bread slide if you're worried about the waist line.

It's not that hard to cook well, for example grilled steak and baked potatoes. For more dinner ideas, Google the term. The Internet is loaded with them.

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