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Many folks enjoy mystery dinner theatre. They eat the good meal and eat up the intriguing mystery. It might begin with a shout and a woman missing her necklace. While everyone looks for it, she finds a calling card. It reads thanks for the necklace, the Raven. Just who is this mysterious Raven, why did he take the necklace, and why did he leave a note? Now the game is afoot as Holmes would say.

Mystery dinner theatre is just one of the many mystery theaters there are. Sometimes it takes the form of a weekend vacation. Sometimes the audience watches and speaks with actors who resolve the whole case, other times the audience must solve the puzzle. These shows are popular because people like pretending to be detectives.

This could be confused with a person getting angry over a bad meal. It's not really mystery theatre just because the meat is a mystery and the customer is being theatric. If the person suddenly dies with a poison dart in their throat, that's mystery theatre.

It's even popular amongst children and teens. For younger kids the mystery is a theft instead of a death, but the rest is the same. Actors get the ball rolling but get everyone involved. One of the patrons may be in on the secret. Someone is part of the mystery, the guests don't know who to trust. Now the plot is really getting complicated.

When the shows are put on as a birthday party everyone but the birthday boy is part of the mystery. In effect all the family and friends become part of the cast, all focused on the enjoyment of the guest of honor. It's a secret, though, so people better not talk. That person's name will be mud.

Combining good food with a mystery is a great idea. Folks love to dig into the plot. Mystery dinner theatre thrives on it. It's very popular. Get some friends together and try it for yourself.

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