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There was a time when television mothers spent the whole day in evening gowns, cleaning and cooking complicated meals while they told the kids to wait until dad got home for life advice. That was not just on TV, it was a reflection of real life. But today lives are faster paced and full of more to do. Mothers, and fathers who now take on a large part of the cooking chore, look for easy fast dinner recipes that can gets the same TV mom results with a lot less real person effort. There were no web sites for the TV moms to check. Many web sites deliver a lot of information about good food.

The whole week can be based on a single cut of steak. Rotating the sides lead to a different meal experience each day. Change the spices to change the experience. Begin the adventure with a super large flank steak. For Monday add roasted potatoes and a tossed salad. Spices and some salsa make it Fujita on Tuesday. Rice, some Teriyaki sauce and steamed vegetables make Wednesday asian day. Make Thursday like Monday, but change the potatoes to mashed and throw in some asparagus. Go for Gyros on Friday with pieta and Greek spices. A whole work day week of meals based on one main meat.

You want the steak to go even further? Fine, prepare your pallet. Give a whirl to steak salad wraps with horseradish sauce, or try bean salad and flanked steak. Put another meat into the mix for more variety. Pork can be a roast, or ribs, or chops. Talk about meals.

With a little clever planning all the meals for the week can be cooked on the weekend, then heated and served in minutes. Plan an entire menu for a month then buy all the necessities for some good savings too. Let the kids get involved. Put them in charge for a week. Give each family member a turn.

Easy fast dinner recipes are just that, both fast and easy.

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