How to Get Home-Cooked Dinner Fast

Too busy to make dinner? Who isn't busy nowadays? Even stay at home Moms have their hands full! But don't head for the nearest fast food or order take-out just yet. Home-cooked meals are better for your health and your wallet. Don't worry, you can make dinner faster than you think. Here are 3 quick dinner ideas that will have you whipping up delicious, nutritious meals in 30 minutes or less.


Salads go together quickly and can be filling enough for a main course, as long as they include a healthy source of protein, such as lean meat and beans. What's more, salads are rich in nutrients and fiber. Simply toss together:

salad greens - pre-washed and pre-cut
protein - such as leftover chicken or other meat or canned beans (rinse and drain first)
firm veggies - baby carrots, diced celery, diced bell pepper
fruit - canned pineapple chunks or mandarin oranges, rinsed and drained, diced apple
toppings - roasted nuts, shredded cheese
salad dressing - bottled or whip up your own


Using many already-prepared foods, you can have bowls of tummy-filling, soul-warming soup in no time. Just cook the following in a large stock pot and serve with hearty bread:

chicken or vegetable stock
chunks of carrots, potatoes or sweet potatoes, or canned diced tomatoes
canned beans or leftover cooked meat
elbow macaroni, fusilli, bowtie pasta, or spaghetti, cut into short pieces, or rice

Breakfast Food

Breakfast for dinner? Why not? It's delicious, it's fast and, if mixed with savory ingredients, can be filling as well. Try any of the following with a side salad and crusty bread:

an omelet filled with mushrooms and baby spinach or sardines and salsa
a frittata with chopped cooked meat and onions
whole wheat pancakes and sausages

These are only a few quick dinner ideas that will have you serving a satisfying meal in 30 minutes or less. Take advantage of prepared - but not processed - foods at the grocery, such as pre-washed and cut salad greens and vegetables, chopped onions and garlic, canned food and frozen, ready-to-steam vegetables. Remember to always have staples in your pantry, such as soup stock, dried pasta and rice, pre-washed salads, bottled sauces and dressings, canned beans, and other basic items. With a well-stocked pantry, creativity and courage to try something new, you don't have to panic when dinnertime comes around. Home-cooked meals are usually more nutritious and delicious, not to mention more economical, than fast food or take-out. It's worth the time and effort to prepare a home-cooked meal with these quick dinner ideas.

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