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In the golden days of TV moms who stayed home all day vacuuming the house while wearing pearls, cooking special meals, and doling out wise advice to the kids when dad wasn't around, meals could take all day and could involve intricate steps. That wasn't just on TV, it was a reflection of real life. But the 21st century world is one of amazing technology and lives that are much more fast paced. Mothers, and fathers who now take on a large part of the cooking chore, look for easy fast dinner recipes that can get the same TV mom results with a lot less real person effort. The Pilgrims didn't have a good source for such simplicity in food, but they didn't have the Internet either. There are a lot of sources on line to provide help to the busy family looking for a quality meal.

A steak can be a whole week of meals. Make different meals with different side dishes. Make different meals with different side dishes. A very big flank steak is the base.

Monday is flank steak with roasted potatoes and a salad on the side. Spices and some salsa make it Fajitas on Tuesday. Rice, some Teriyaki sauce and steamed vegetables make Wednesday an Asian day. Make Thursday like Monday, but change the potatoes to mashed and throw in some asparagus. Go for Gyros on Friday with pita and Greek spices. That's one meat for five meals.

You want the steak to go even further. Pull out the plates we're going in. Give a whirl to steak salad wraps with horseradish sauce, or try bean salad and flanked steak. Double the variety with another meat. Chicken makes a good soup, chicken fingers, fried chicken or even chicken salad. That's a lot of eating.

With a little clever planning all the meals for the week can be cooked on the weekend, then heated and served in minutes. Make out the menu for the whole month, buy bulk foods and make sure to use coupons to add extreme savings to the mix. In fact, these menus and meals can also be a great learning experience for young people. Put them in charge for a week. Let the whole family take turns.

And you thought easy fast dinner recipes were hard.

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