Dream Dinners

The term "dream dinner" may bring to mind a perfect date at a candlelit table, violin music in the background, with the meal capped by a wedding ring hidden in the champaign glass. Dream Dinners is also a clever food franchise that's growing fast. It's all about people cooking under supervision according to planned menus. A lot of people ask, why didn't I think of that?

Americans are busier than ever before. Eating well at home is becoming more and more difficult . Sure there are many quality frozen and ready made foods, but somehow it's never the same as a good home cooked meal. When the schedule is packed, however, will people give up their jobs or their self made meals? That's where this franchise steps into the picture.

It works something like this. People visit the location and then choose up to all 14 items on a provided menu. Food is then purchased by serving. Then the consumers cook the meals, at the store. This can be accomplished either in public or private sessions, with cooking pros directing the preparation action. This is a lot like a chef at a restaurant coming out to direct the diners in preparing the food.

It sounds a lot more expensive that it really is. Although salads and side dishes are separate, the main course is only about $3.50 per serving for all 14 meals. This can bring the cost per serving for a complete meal up to around the $5 mark, but for a busy working family it's not bad. That's a great deal for the food plus the cooking instruction.

This is a franchise business. There has been some tension. It's not the food or menus or preparation, but rather the franchiseesSome of the franchisees aren't happy. Forbes Magazine profiled Dream Dinners in March 2008. The story didn't look good for the company. Franchisees flocked to this brand new idea. But many of the franchisees lost their shirts after only a short time, which meant the business plan may be flawed. Forbes claims the franchisees were sold a bill of goods when it came to the claims of wild success.

Business controversy aside, Dream Dinners is a wonderful concept that allows busy people living the 21st century fast-paced life a way to return to some of the home spun food value of the past decades.

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